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About Braeden

Braeden Lichti is a seasoned businessman and astute investor with a robust background in steering public company operations, devising investment strategies, and fostering business development. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Mr. Lichti currently resides in Newport Beach, California.

Professional Journey:

• Early Career Initiatives: Mr. Lichti embarked on his business career in his early twenties, specializing in investor relations for public companies. His formative experiences in navigating the intricacies of the stock market and making pivotal business decisions laid the foundation for his investment philosophy and business acumen.

• Entrepreneurial Prowess: In 2008, Mr. Lichti notably spearheaded his inaugural public company reverse merger, showcasing his adeptness in leading teams and guiding enterprises through intricate financial landscapes. This milestone marked the commencement of a series of triumphant ventures.

• Elevai Labs, Inc.: In 2020, Mr. Lichti co-founded Elevai Labs, Inc., orchestrating its management, spearheading investment rounds, and subsequently overseeing its successful public listing on NASDAQ in 2023. He currently holds the position of the largest shareholder.

• Strategic Investments: In 2016, Mr. Lichti exhibited his foresight by being the pioneering investor in both INmune Bio and Artelo Bio. His expertise and guidance were pivotal in orchestrating the NASDAQ listings of both companies in 2019.

• Health Logic Interactive, Inc.: In 2021, as a co-founder, Mr. Lichti played a pivotal role in restructuring the public entity, assembling a dynamic management team, leading investment rounds, and securing key technology licenses. In 2022, he orchestrated the sale of the company's technology to a publicly listed US medical device company.

• Hydromer, Inc.: In 2023, Mr. Lichti spearheaded a shareholder activist campaign against Hydromer, Inc., resulting in the comprehensive resignation of all legacy officers and directors. Subsequently appointed Chairman, his leadership has spurred significant strategic growth and development for Hydromer, Inc.

This trajectory underscores Mr. Lichti's exceptional track record and prowess in navigating complex business landscapes, demonstrating his commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the industry.